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Customized and Private Tour Arrangements

SAMPLE ITINERARY: Explore Matsumoto, Takayama and Kiso Valley 3 Day Tour

TAILOR-MADE TOURS: Exclusively for your own group
Hida-Takayama, Gifu Prefecture
Shirakawa-go Village, Gifu Prefecture
Tsumago Post Town
Tsumago-juku Post Town, Nagano Prefecture
Kiso Valley
Kiso Valley, Nagano Prefecture
Matsumoto Castle, Matsumoto
Matsumoto Castle, Matsumoto City
Place of Stay: Takayama
Day 1   Tokyo~Matsumoto~Takayama
Dep. hotel
not provided
bus Pick up at Haneda Airport or set off from your hotel in Tokyo
bus arrive at Lake Suwa, bus
Matsumoto Castle, on foot Nakamachi street
bus Proceed to Takayama city
Stay overnight at Takayama City.
Place of Stay: Nagiso
Day 2   Shirakwa-go~Kiso Valley
Dep. hotel
not provided
Check out of your hotel, bus Old streets of Hida-Takayama on foot
Miyagawa Morning Market, on foot Kusakabe Folk Museum,
bus Shirakawa-go village,

bus Proceed to Kiso Valley, bus Stay overnight at Nagiso .
Place of Stay: none
Day 3   Kiso Valley~Tokyo
Dep. hotel
not provided
bus Magome Post Town (hike on the Nakasendo Trail, optional738km trail, approx 2~3hours required)
bus Tsumago Post Town

bus return to Tokyo hotel or send to Haneda airport.
From JPY 228,000 (~9 Pax)
From JPY 297,000 (~18 Pax)

Vehicle maximum seating up to 9 and 18 passengers. Limited bags storage.
Maximum of 9 hours of sightseeing daily.

OPTION (Additional fee required)
Optional English-speaking tour guide
Arrangement for accommodation for the tour guide will be necessary.

Vehicle with driver, highway toll fees and taxes.


Tour guide, meals, activity, parking fees, admission tickets(Matsumoto Castle & Kusakabe Folk Museum entrance fee) and your own accommodations.

Check for Quote & Availability

When sending in your inquiry, please provide us with your travel date.

Additional Information

Admission fees and activities: Not included. It falls under personal expenses.
Note: This is a customized tour as such you can arrange the tour according to your requirements. We will use our model itinerary in the above if you do not have your own itinerary. If using your own itinerary, it is subject to verification of its feasiblity.
Drivers: Japanese drivers will be used for microbuses and larger vehicles. For full-size vans and smaller vehicles, English-speaking driver is available on request.
Tour Guide: Professional tour guide is available for hire on request. Fees starting from 8 hours hire going at 28,500yen
Hours of hire: Minimum of 9 hours is required to complete the itinerary. Maximum of 12 hours hire is permitted. Rate quoted is the starting rate for 9 hours hire.

Plan includes:

Vehicle with driver. Driver's own accommodation. Estimated highway tolls and taxes.
Plan does not include: Use of vehicle parking facility and personal expenses such as meals, admission tickets, are not included.

Payment method:

Prepayment is required. Using credit card or payment through the bank.
FAQ: Please click here for the frequently asked questions
Cancellation Policy: ● More than 21 days notice: no cancellation fee required
● 20 days to 15 days notice: 20% cancellation fee
● 14 days to 8 days notice: 30% cancellation fee
● 7-2 days or less notice: 50% cancellation fee
● 1 day before trip: 80% cancellation fee
● Actual day or No Show: No refund possible.

Description: The above tour itinerary we have designed is suitable round the year, catering to a wide variety of interests from culture, nature, sights and cuisine. The tour will bring you to Matsumoto city, a castle town which centered around the Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure of Japan. Located in the central part of the Japanese archipelago, Matsumoto is a city surrounded by the Northern Japan Alps which are over 3000 meters in altitude to the west, and the Utsukushigahara Pleateau, which is 2000 meters in altitude to the east.
After Matsumoto we'll go to Takayama, one of Japan’s best preserved towns from the Edo era with quaint atmospheric streets in the old quarter and delicious local foods. Due to its remoteness up in the mountains many of its old traditions were preserved during the transitions of power in other parts of the country. Takayama, amongst other things is famous for its craftsmen, sake and beef. It is believed that craftsmen from Takayama worked on places and temples in Kyoto and Nara for its fine craftsmenship.
Next we will travel to Kiso Valley. During the Edo period from the 16th century to the 18th century there were five central highways leading to Edo or present Tokyo. Built along these highways were numerous post towns and checkpoints. However towards the end of the Edo period, the checkpoints across the country, along with many relics from the feudal times including samurai estates and castles were broken up and destroyed marking a new age of change and modernization. One of these old highways connecting Edo to Kyoto was called the Nakasendo running through the Japanese Alps and along the Kiso valley. Mainly because of its unfavorable terrain thus resulted in a much slower pace of development. Home to the town of Magome, and the neighbouring town of Tsumago, are two of the best preserved Post-towns from the Edo period. These days the locals go to painstaking lengths to maintain their towns, preserving the old charm of the Edo era.


Others: For multiple-day hire with overnight stop(s) outside of Tokyo, covering other cities for trip length of minimum 2 days up to maximum 7 days can also be arranged on request. Customers are required to formulate your own itinerary by listing out the attractions you are planning to visit and the cities you will be stopping at for the night.

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