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bestselling no1BESTSELLING ITINERARY: Explore Kyoto Arashiyama 1-Day Private Tour

TAILOR-MADE TOURS: Exclusively for your own group
Arashiyama Togetsukyo Bridge
Arashiyama Togetsukyo Bridge
Togetsukyo Bridge
Arashiyama Togetsukyo Bridge
Tenryuji Temple
Arashiyama Tenryu-ji Temple
Sagano Bamboo Grove
Sagano Bamboo Grove
Sagano Torokko train
Sagano Torokko train ride
Sagano scenic ride
Sagano scenic train ride
Place of Stay: None
Day 1   From Osaka/Kyoto
Dep. hotel
not provided
Pick up at your hotel. bus
bus Arashiyama Togetsukyo Bridge
bus Tenryuji Temple bus Sagano Bamboo Groves
bus Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama

[Non-daily operation]
bus Sagano Torokko Romantic Train ride Saga-Kameoka (30min)
[Alternatives] bus Kyoto Imperial Palace/Nijo Castle bus Kyoto Nishiki Market
bus Return back to your hotel.

From JPY 102,000 (~18Pax)
From JPY 130,000 (~27Pax)
From JPY 150,000 (~49Pax)

With 9 hours hire starting from Osaka.

From JPY 55,000 (~4Pax)
From JPY 59,000 (~9Pax)
From JPY 92,000 (~18Pax)
From JPY 115,000 (~27Pax)
From JPY 135,000 (~49Pax)

With 8 hours hire starting from Kyoto.

OPTION (Additional fee required)
Optional English-speaking tour guide

Vehicle with driver, highway toll fees and taxes.
Tour guide, meals, parking fees, activity, admission tickets.

Check for Quote & Availability

When sending in your inquiry, please provide us with your travel date.

Additional Information

Admission fees and activities: Not included. It falls under personal expenses.
Note: This is a customized tour as such you can arrange the tour according to your requirements. We will use our model itinerary in the above if you do not have your own itinerary. If using your own itinerary, it is subject to verification of its feasiblity.
Drivers: Japanese drivers will be used for microbuses and larger vehicles. For full-size vans and smaller vehicles, English-speaking driver is available on request.
Tour Guide: Professional tour guide is available for hire on request. Fees starting from 8 hours hire going at 28,500yen
Hours of hire: Minimum of 9 hours is required to complete the itinerary if starting from Osaka. Maximum of 12 hours hire is permitted. Rate quoted is the starting rate for 8 hours hire starting from Kyoto and 9 hours hire starting from Osaka.

Plan includes:

Vehicle with driver. Estimated highway tolls and taxes. Highway will not be use when traveling within central Kyoto.
Plan does not include: Use of vehicle parking facility and personal expenses such as meals, admission tickets, are not included.

Payment method:

Prepayment is required. Using credit card or payment through the bank.
FAQ: Please click here for the frequently asked questions
Cancellation Policy: ● More than 15 days notice: no cancellation fee required
● 14 days to 8 days notice: 20% cancellation fee,
● 7 days to 3 days notice: 30% cancellation fee,
● 2 days or less notice: 40% cancellation fee
● 1 day before trip: 50% cancellation fee
● Actual day or No Show: No refund possible.

Description: Arashiyama, is a district on the western outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. It also refers to the mountain across the Ōi River, which forms a backdrop to the district. Arashiyama is a nationally-designated Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit especially in the cherry blossom season and the foliage season in Japan. Once an excursion place for Emperors of Heian Period (794-1192), Kyotoites today make annual excursions here to see cherry blossoms in spring and maples in their autumn colors.
Tenryū-ji Temple, the is the head temple of one the 15 branches of the Rinzai Zen Buddhism, one of the two main sects of Zen Buddhism in Japan. It is ranked number one among Kyoto's so-called Five Mountains. In 1994, it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as part of the "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto". Arashiyama Togetsu-kyo bridge is a short walk from Tenryu-ji Temple. West of the bridge it is the Hozu River and east of the bridge it is the Katsura River. The Sagano Torokko Train follows the course of the Hozu River on a narrow-gauge track through the idyllic canyon from Arashiyama area to Kameoka area. The trip takes about 25 minutes, and it is extremely popular among both local and overseas visitors.



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