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Customized and Private Tour Arrangements

SAMPLE ITINERARY: Otaru 1-Day Private Tour

TAILOR-MADE TOURS: Exclusively for your own group
Tenguyama Ropeway
Otaru Tenguyama Ropeway
Nikka Whisky Factory
Nikka Whisky Factory
Otaru canal
Otaru canal
Music Box Museum
Music Box Museum, Otaru City
Kita-ichi Glass
Kita-ichi Glass, Otaru City
Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory
Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory
Place of Stay: None
Day 1   From Sapporo~Otaru~Sapporo
Dep. hotel
not provided
Pick up at your hotel. bus
bus Tenguyama Ropeway or Nikka Whisky Factory in Yoichi
bus Otaru canal area, Music Box Museum,
Kita-ichi Glass, Fish markets
bus Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory

bus Return back to your hotel.


Alternative attractions: Otaru Aquarium, Herring Mansion, Otaru City Museum, Kihinkan Old Aoyama Villa, Wing Bay Otaru and other nearby attractions.

From JPY 60,000 (~9Pax)
From JPY 75,000 (~11Pax)
From JPY 98,000 (~28Pax)
From JPY 115,000 (~45Pax)

Maximum of 9 hours of sightseeing.

OPTION (Additional fee required)
Optional English-speaking tour guide

Vehicle with driver, highway toll fees and taxes.
Tour guide, meals, activity, admission tickets.

Check for Quote & Availability

When sending in your inquiry, please provide us with your travel date.

Additional Information

Admission fees and activities: Not included. It falls under personal expenses.
Note: This is a customized tour as such you can arrange the tour according to your requirements. We will use our model itinerary in the above if you do not have your own itinerary. If using your own itinerary, it is subject to verification of its feasiblity.
Drivers: Japanese drivers will be used for microbuses and larger vehicles. For full-size vans and smaller vehicles, English-speaking driver is available on request.
Tour Guide: Professional tour guide is available for hire on request. Fees starting from 8 hours hire going at 28,500yen
Hours of hire: Minimum of 9 hours is recommended to complete the itinerary. Maximum of 12 hours hire is permitted. Rate quoted is the starting rate for 9 hours hire.

Plan includes:

Vehicle with driver. Estimated highway tolls and taxes.
Plan does not include: Use of vehicle parking facility and personal expenses such as meals, admission tickets, are not included.

Payment method:

Prepayment is required. Using credit card or payment through the bank.
FAQ: Please click here for the frequently asked questions
Cancellation Policy: ● More than 15 days notice: no cancellation fee required
● 14 days to 8 days notice: 20% cancellation fee,
● 7 days to 3 days notice: 30% cancellation fee,
● 2 days or less notice: 40% cancellation fee
● 1 day before trip: 50% cancellation fee
● Actual day or No Show: No refund possible.

Description: Otaru is a port town located about half an hour northwest of Sapporo. From the early days of Hokkaido's colonization in the late 1800s, Otaru served as a major trade and fishing port. As the city was thriving from fishery for centuries, the most famous landmark in Otaru is the canal where they used to carry the fresh produce from the ocean to onland using tugboats. Many old warehouses and former office buildings of shipping and trading companies still sit in Otaru along the canal, creating a special mood, reminiscent of past decades. Its beautifully preserved canal area and nostalgic architecture make Otaru a pleasant day trip from Sapporo.


Others: For one day hire covering Noboribetsu, Lake Toya, Furano, Biei, and other nearby cities can also be arranged on request.

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Otaru 1-Day Private Tour Otaru canal
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