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FAQ Preparing for your domestic flight

We have compiled this section to provide a basic idea of how domestic travel is carried out in Japan. It serves only as a general guide and cannot be relied upon solely, as information may change from time to time. It is important that you should once again verify the information with the respective airlines and authorities.

Please refer to this page should you be using a Vanilla Air flight.

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please post us your question using this contact us form.

Preparing for your flight(Domestic)

i Terminal building
There are 2 domestic terminal buildings at Haneda airport. Japan Airlines(JAL) occupies terminal 1 along with Japan Transocean Air(JTA), Skymark Airlines(SKY) and Star Flyer(SFJ)(flights bound for Kitakyushu), while All Nippon Airways(ANA) is occupying terminal 2 sharing with AirDo Hokkaido Air(ADO), Solaseed Air(SNA) and Star Flyer(SFJ).
Please proceed to the correct terminal as moving from one terminal to the other may take several minutes. Airport shuttle buses are running at 15 minutes interval connecting the Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and International Terminal Building.

ii Check-in
You must be at the airport no later than 30 minutes before your flight departure time. You will proceed for check-in and then airport security screening before the boarding of your flight. Although there is no immigration formalities, the Airlines stipulate that all passengers should arrive at the security inspection checkpoint no later than 15 minutes prior to departure time. You will be refused boarding for showing up late at the boarding gate.

iii Minimum connecting time
Domestic connectionTime required
Connecting of flight with the same airline20 - 25mins
Connecting of flight using a different airline30 - 50 mins
Transit passengers connecting from a domestic flight to an international flight must complete baggage check-in 30 minutes prior to the departure time at the airport baggage counter.
Passengers connecting from a domestic flight to a domestic flight (including a flight of another airline) must present the flight ticket to the final destination at check-in. Your baggage will be routed to your final destination.

iv Ticket & boarding pass
Most Airlines have introduced electronic ticket (or eticket), ticketless check-in service or an official voucher to replace the conventional printed ticket. Except for ticketless check-in service (e.g. ANA SKiP, JAL QuiC), you are required to present the eticket or the original voucher during check in.

Check-in procedures are simple and usually takes only a few minutes. At check-in, you will be able to make request for seat preference if you could not do so when purchasing your ticket. Also you will need to check in your bag(s) if they exceed in size or you have in possessions of prohibited items allowed in the cabin.

After completing check-in, you will be issued with a boarding pass. With your boarding pass you can now proceed to board your flight after clearing security check.

v Automated check-in machine
Automated check-in machines are convenient, frequently used and can be found at major airports. Passengers who have only hand-carry bags with them and do not required to check-in their bags can opt to using these machines. It allows you to select your seat and even change your previous seat selection, as well as registering for mileage accumulation.

vi Carry on baggage
Other than personal belongings (hand bags, cameras, umbrellas, etc.), a passenger can carry only one piece of baggage satisfying the following conditions into the aircraft cabin.

Bags exceeding the size specified below can only be carried as checked baggage instead.
Aircraft typeDimensionWeight
Aircraft with 100 seats or more55cm×40cm×25cm
or not exceeding 115cm
10kg or less
Less than 100 seats45cm×35cm×20cm
or not exceeding 100cm
10kg or less

vii Checked baggage
Free baggage allowance for checked baggage is up to 20kg per person.
Premium class passengers are allowed up to 40kg.

Baggages exceeding the allowance will be charged a fee specified below;
1kg - 10kg11kg - 20kg21kg - 30kg>30kg, per 10kg

The maximum weight for each baggage is 32kg, and airlines refuse to accept baggages over 100kg in total.
Size: W+D+H≦203cm / The total linear dimension (length + height + width) should not exceed 203cm.

viii Mileage accumulation
You can register for mileage accumulation at the check-in counters, using the automated check-in machines or the mileage register machines located near the boarding gates. Should you forget to bring your airline membership card on your flight, you will need to keep your boarding pass and send it by post after your flight.