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Flight tickets related questions and answers

Q1 How can I change my reservation?
We recommend that you inform us by phone when making changes to a booking so that swift action can be taken. Also note that when there is a change in your travel, the earlier booking may be required to be cancelled before a new booking can be made. It is important that you decide your trip before making a reservation to avoid being penalised for cancellation charges.

Q2 How can I cancel my booking?
Cancellations should be made by phone whenever possible as delays could sometimes result in higher cancellation fee. Cancellations made on a weekend or holiday can only be processed on the next working day. Cancellation penalty will be in effect should cancellation notice be received with less than 3 weeks before the trip.

Q3 What cancellation fees apply?
For bookings made through us, the fee for cancellation is as below;
Time of noticeAdministrative chargeCancellation Penalty
More than 21 days1000yen each passengerno cancellation penalty
20 days or lesser-20% penalty
14 days or lesser-30% penalty
7 days or lesser-40% penalty
1 day before departure-50% penalty
Actual day / No-show-100% penalty

Q4 How far in advance can I make a reservation?
Usually reservations for our discount flight tickets are open for reservations as early as 2 months up to 6 months in advance.

Q5 Do I have to pay a booking fee when I make a reservation?
No, we do not charge you any booking fees when you make reservations with us.

Q6 How do I get my tickets?
Eticket will be used whenever possible. However when it is not available because a printed ticket or a voucher is used, the ticket/voucher can be sent to your mailing address within Japan(costs 600yen) or an overseas address(usually costs around 1000yen-1500yen) or it can be placed at the airport collection counter for your collection on the departure day(650yen per ticket). Ticket collection at airport is only available for certain tickets only.

Q7 Can I pick up tickets at the airport on the departure day?
Yes. This will be the case when you are making an immediate connections after landed in Japan. There is a fee of 650yen per ticket for using this service.

Q8 Can you send the tickets and exchange vouchers to an oversea address?
Yes, it is possible. However, we suggest that you consider our local delivery service first. We are using Japan Post Yu-Pack Delivery, Yamato Takkyubin and Sagawa Express Delivery to deliver all our tickets. It allows us to specify the date and delivery time to ensure a smooth delivery, as well as to track the delivery. For a fee of 600yen per standard size parcel.

Q9 Why are there no prices shown on certain dates in the price calendar?
Very often you will find prices are not available for certain dates especially when it falls during the travel peak seasons in Japan (mainly during the year-end and New Year period, Sapporo Snow Festival, Sakura viewing seasons, Summer holidays, festive seasons, Golden week, Silver week and long-weekends). You will easily be paying more than double or triple the price of a lull season for the same deal. As such we do not include its price when it becomes over-priced. In this case, we recommend that you check with our reservation staff for other posssible tickets in order to bring down your traveling cost.

Q10 Am I able to get a partial refund? I have purchased a 4D3N flight package to Sapporo leaving from Tokyo. Can I get a refund for not using my ticket from Sapporo back to Tokyo as I want to fly from Sapporo to Osaka instead?
You have purchased a package which the round-trip flight tickets and hotel come as a set. There will be no refund possible for anything not utilized. We do not benefit from anything if you do not use any of the flights or hotel or any other things that comes with your package.

Q11 Can I pay in US dollars?
We do have a Japanese Bank account that allow us to receive payment in US dollars. However take note that we prefer not to offer our tickets in different currencies or accept major foreign currencies mainly because of currency fluctuations. Should we display our prices in other currency, we may have to add a buffer. We believe it will defeat our purpose of offering you our best price which will be in Japanese currency. However, at anytime you required us do a currency conversion so that you could guage the price in your own currency we will be happy to assist you.

Q12 Do I need a credit card to reserve a ticket?
A credit card is not necessary to reserve a ticket. However, in the event that your travel is immediate (departing in less than 20 days), the credit card will be useful as a security deposit so that we can secure the seat while we wait for your payment through bank remittance.

Q13 Can I hold on to a reservation without payment?
It is not possible and we do not have this service.

Q14 Can I claim for Airlines Mileage?
Yes. ANA and JAL flight tickets allow you to claim for 50% mileage on Air+Hotel Packages, 100% on changeable one-way tickets and 75% on one-way discount tickets(FX, FT), unless it is stated otherwise.

Q15 Are there changeable air+hotel package tickets?
No, there isn't such ticket. Only full fare tickets allow you to make changes any number of times and even at short notice without any handling fee(unless a ticket has been issued, there is a 420yen charge for each ticket for reissuing).

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