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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (Hotel)

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Accommodation-related questions and answers

Q1 Do I have to pay a booking fee when I make a reservation?
No, the room rate quoted to you is included of our agent commission.

Q2 Are the service charge and taxes included in the room rate quoted?
Yes, they are all included. However there might be few exceptions especially the onsen ryokans where you may have to pay an onsen tax direct to the ryokan at check in. In this case, it will be indicated and be made known to you prior to you making the purchase.

Q3 What cancellation fees apply?
Cancellation fee varies according to where we source the room through. And there may be instances where the room is sold under an advance purchase rate with a completely different terms. It is always good to check on the cancellation policy before making the purchase.
Cancellation policy - General

Time of cancellationPenalty
More than 8 daysno cancellation fee or penalty
Less than 7 days30% penalty
Less than 2 days40% penalty
Less than 24 hours notice50% penalty
Cancel on actual day or no showNo refund

Q4 How far in advance can I make a reservation?
Rates are usually released 3-6 months ahead. Please check with our salesperson to enquire for more accurate information.

Q5 Why are there no prices shown on certain dates in the price calendar?
Very often you will find prices are not available for certain dates especially when it falls during the local travel peak seasons (mainly during the New Year period, Sakura viewing seasons, Summer holidays, festive seasons, Golden week, Silver week and long-weekends). You will easily be paying more than double or triple the price on a lull period for the same deal. As such we do not include its price when it becomes over-priced. In this case, we recommend that you check with our salesperson for advise.

Q6 Eligibility of child rate for ryokans and certain hotels.
There are cases where child rate is offered only when accompanied with 2 adult paying guests.
e.g. An adult with two accompanying children need to pay;
Total charge = Adult room rate x 2 + Child room rate x 1

Q7 Supplementary occupancy charge for child age 3-5 and infant age 2-3 for use of its facilities.
Individual hotel/ryokan may impose a supplementary occupancy charge for each infant/child age 1-5, payable at check-in. Please double check directly with the property.

Q8 Can I purchase the Quad-sharing room plan for one person use?
Please understand that most of our prices are displayed as price per person. So when we indicate the price for a Quad-sharing room plan, naturally the price per person for a Quad-sharing room plan would be cheaper than a Single-use room plan. If you were thinking that by paying one person's share can get you a Quad-sharing room by yourself, it just doesn't work.

Q9 I have purchased breakfast with my room plan, can I get a refund because I did not go for breakfast?
There is no refund for anything not utilised.