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Reservation Flow

This section is to provide a basic understanding of the workflow from seeking for quotation to completing the purchase for a Flight+hotel package as described in the example below. It is also suitable as a guide for the other packages such as Hokkaido Ski Package and Rail+Hotel Package.

On our website you will find many prices available for our popular flight+hotel packages and rail+hotel packages. Rate varies according to your choice of hotel. Rates have been published to allow users to look up the prices on the various options available so as to allow users to check for price suitability on their own. Along with the rates, you will also find the basic information on what the plan includes and its general terms.

For users who are not familiar and have difficulty navigating our website, this section has been created for this purpose to help you navigate the page step-by-step and to quickly allow users to be able to check the information, to understand what is being offered by the plan and also to check for its rates.

After navigating through the pages and have identified a plan you find suitable, all users are advised to begin by filing for a "Request for Quotation". This will enable you to receive a summary of the plan selected along with the details and its total price. And subsequently the user will be able to decide whether to proceed ahead to make the purchase or to continue searching for other suitable plan.

For users who are already familiar with making the purchase using our website can also select the "Ready to Make Purchase Option" or "Make Purchase" or "Application" option. This will enable us to recognise your intention and once we received your application we will immediately check for the availability and tentatively hold the availability while we wait for your final verification and the payment.
Take note that to deter casual bookings, we are only able to make tentative bookings to hold the availability for users who have provided us with a credit card security. Once the availability has been checked and tentatively secured, the booking is not completed yet as we are required to ask the user to verify the booking details.

A summary of the booking request with the details will be provided via the email for your verification, and to confirm your purchase we will require you to re-submit your credit card information through a secured payment link and this will marked the completion of the payment. Once payment is received you will be issued with a receipt and the booking confirmation and this will marked the completion of the purchase.

Please scroll down the page for the step-by-step guide on;
i) reservation flow,
ii) how to search for prices and make a purchase,

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please post us your question using this contact us form.

(i) Reservation flow

Reservation Flow
Step 1 You can call us or drop us an email if you require assistance to navigate our website (We regret that phone booking is not allowed and all booking requests must be made using the online appolication form)
Step 2 You search for the plan that you find suitable and check for its prices. You will file for a "Make Purchase" booking request. Should you be uncertain with the prices and details of the plan offered, you can use the "Request for Quotation" to send in your inquiry.
Step 3 When your booking request has been received, and in the event that your selected date or flight is unavailable, you will be provided with alternatives whenever possible. (All bookings received will be processed within 48 hours.)
Step 4 You will receive an email reply with the "Summary of your Booking Request" once your application has been processed and found available. You are required to double check and notify us immediately should there be any discrepancy.
Step 5 Booking has not complete yet at this point. Once you have verified the details to be correct, you are required to submit your credit card information through a secured payment link so that payment can be processed online. (For payment through the bank, we are required to verify payment before we can issue you with the receipt and booking confirmation.)
Step 6 Flight tickets will be forwarded to you via email using Eticket 10-18 days before the trip. For train tickets, we will deliver the tickets to your hotel/mailing address prior to the trip.

(ii) How to search for prices and make a purchase

Step 1 Look under the destination of your choice, choose your preferred carrier from what are available and pick the month of your travel. As we are offering packages, the prices are formed half-yearly or quarterly. Should you be planning to purchase a trip more than 3-5 months ahead, price may not be available. You can check with us for the estimated date where it will be released.

Step 2 Clicking on the price corresponding to your month of travel will bring out the details of the plan offered. As a condition of a package fare, it has to include the accommodation. Therefore all our flight packages will include round-trip flights and 1 night hotel as the minimum.
Look under the itinerary, it describes whether it is a fixed-itinerary plan or a customizable plan where your returning date can be stretched up to 8 days or 14 days stay at your destination city.

Where being indicated as a fixed-itinerary plan, it cannot be changed. The prices indicated is good for use for that plan only. However should you be interested in a customizable plan, let us know so that we can forward you a suitable plan to use for your trip. The prices may be slightly higher. The prices are determined by its supplier and not without a reason.

For the customizable plan, usually more than 1 hotel choice will be offered. You will be able to select your referred hotel prior to completing the application.
See Step (6).

Step 3 Next, to choose your exact date of travel. Clicking on the date will bring out a table showing the flight schedule. Prices for each departure date may be different. This is due to the higher demand for travel during and closer to the weekends, closer to a festive season and on the eve of a holiday.


An easy way to determine will be anything that does not require you to take a day off at work will be expensive. No matter how early you make the purchase, 2 months or maybe 5 months ahead, it will not change the fact that the prices will remain high during the peak season.
On the other hand to those who have just found out they would like to travel during the peak season and it is already just round the corner, there may be nothing available.
We served 2 groups of customers, both price-sensitive and time-sensitive. Where price does not matter for the time-sensitive, an early start will guarantee you with having more choices, and quick decisive decision is the key to securing the tickets.

Step 4 Check the box to pick your preferred flight or flights. You are allowed to make more than 1 selection. Peak flight surcharge may apply for flights leaving during the peak times.


Step 5 Check the box to pick your preferred flight or flights. You are allowed to make more than 1 selection. Peak flight surcharge may apply for flights leaving during the peak times.

You will also select your returning flight. Picking the returning date corresponding to the plan permissable. Choose the wrong returning date will not trigger an alert, however the reservation will not be possible as it will be manually checked and you will have to do it until it is right in order to be able to make the purchase. Once done, you will click proceed check out to fill up your particulars on the application form.

Step 6 On the application form, you will be able to verify your selection. Once they are correct you will fill up your particulars. If you were using a customizable plan as in the snapshot below, you will be able to select your preferred choice of hotel using the drop down box.


Step 7 For room arrangement for your group, in the case where you want to use 2 single rooms for your party of 2 people or any other room arrangements or smoking room non-smoking room requests, please use the message box to put in your requests. Where it is not indicated, we will ramdomly select the room type that gives you the lowest available price.

Due to the very wide range of requests we have encountered, it is not possible to describe them all. We therefore ask that you check with us first to find out if it is possible before making your purchase. Lastly, request will only be granted where permissable and available.


Fill up all the required fields in the application form and follow the instructions to submit your application.
Once the application has been sent, you will receive an auto email reply to indicate that the application has been received by us.

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