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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (Optional Tours)

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Fixed-scheduled Tours, Seat-in Coach Tours and Optional Tours.

Q1 How do I make a reservation?
Due to the large number of tours available and some of them have almost identical itineraries and very similar tour names, we therefore require all tour reservations to be made using the online application form.
You will identify the tour, go to the page, and will locate the "BOOK NOW" or "RESERVE" button. Click on it to bring out the tour application form. Follow the instructions to complete the purchase. Please also take note that all of our products would require you to purchase in advance.

Q2 Am I able to change my date of travel?
No, all our tours are non-changeable.
You have to be absolutely sure of your participation before you make any purchase. To do so, you will have to cancel the existing booking and to make a new booking for the new date.

Q3 How can I cancel my reservation?
Please reply to the confirmation email that we have sent to you to inform us of a cancellation. Cancellations made on a weekend or holiday can only be processed on the next working day. Cancellation penalty may apply depending on the amount of notice given.

Q4 What cancellation fees apply?
The fee for cancellation is as below;
Overnight tours/packages
Time of cancellationPenalty
21 days or moreno cancellation fee or penalty
20 days or lesser20% penalty
Less than 14 days30% penalty
Less than 7 days40% penalty
1 day before departure50% penalty
Cancel on actual day or no showNo refund

1-day tour (exceptions may apply)
Time of cancellationPenalty
8 days or moreno cancellation fee or penalty
7 days or lesser30% penalty
Less than 2 days40% penalty
1 day before departure50% penalty
Cancel on actual day or no showNo refund

1-day ski package tour (morning departure)
Time of cancellationPenalty
11 days or moreno cancellation fee or penalty
10 days or lesser30% penalty
7 days or lesser40% penalty
1 day before departure50% penalty
Cancel on actual day or no showNo refund

Q5 How many days in advance do I have to put in my reservation?
It depends on the tour being offered. Some may require advance notice of 8 days, some 5 days, and no later than 3 days before the start of the tour.

Q6 Are your tours guaranteed in departure or we will have to wait until the last 4-10 days before the trip to be notified whether the trip will proceed ahead or not?
The majority of our tours are all guaranteed in departure. However there are a small number of tours that require minimum 2-6 passengers in order for departure to be guaranteed. Should the departure requires a minimum number of participants in order for the tour to be confirmed, it will be clearly stated and be made known to you when you make a reservation.
Please take note that there are exceptions for the 1-day ski packages(Using JR trains or Highway buses). The organizer may decide to cancel the tour due poor snow conditions, non-operational of the ski lifts or when the minimum number of participants is not met. And in this case, you will be notified 3-7 days before the trip.

Q7 Am I able to make reservation online and pay on the day of the tour?
It is not possible and not available. We are only catered to customers who are able to make pre-payment.

Q8 Do you have a ticket counter where I can purchase the tour on the departure day and pay in cash?
We do not run any ticket counter nor do we have any information of any travel agent who does. We are only catered to customers who are able to make their purchase online. Please also take note that all of our products would require you to purchase in advance. We have nothing suitable for anyone seeking to purchase a tour on the day itself or wishing to pay in cash on the day of the trip.

Q9 Will I receive a voucher for the tour after making purchase?
It depends on the tour you have purchased. Should it be a seat-in coach tour, you may be receiving just the receipt only as name verification is practiced in Japan. When boarding the bus, the bus coordinator will check you name on the list. There is no need to surrender any voucher. However we will forward you a Tour Confirmation Slip to facilitate your check in for the tour on top of the receipt that we issue for all purchases.

Q10 Do you provide us the name of the tour guide and the contact number for emergency?
Not for the scheduled tours. Scheduled tours are being organized and run by major bus companies. Contact number of the tour guide will not be given. The tour guide will only introduce himself/herself at the start of the tour. For emergency you will contact our office or contact the tour operator/bus company directly.

Q11 Could you arrange for pick up service from a hotel not in the list?
No unscheduled pick up or drop off can be arranged. We are offering tours operated by different bus companies and the pick up service offered differs from one bus company to another.

Q12 We understand that pick up service is not available from my hotel, can you help to arrange for pick up from our hotel and we are willing to pay for this service?
We regret that we do not provide such a service nor are we able to arrange for a taxi for you. A good way will be for you to approach your hotel concierge to arrange for a taxi, your hotel concierge will be able to handle your request promptly, and it also allows you greater flexibility in case you wish to make any last-minute change.

Q13 Can I get a discount for my group of 15 persons?
Regardless of the number of participants nor the number of tours that you are purchasing through us, there will be no discount given.

Q14 I have purchased a round-trip train tickets and half day guided tour package. How and when will I receive the tickets?
It is indicated in the remarks section of the tour page. You are required to notify us of the name of the hotel you will be staying at the day before the tour, as we will be depositing the tickets with your hotel usually one day before your trip.

Q15 Am I able to get a discount if I do not make use of my tickets for the returning leg?
Unless it is stated as an option, to allow you the choice of choosing the round-trip plan or the one-way plan, otherwise you will purchase the plan as what it is. Anything that comes with the plan and you choose not to use it will have nothing to do with us or our supplier.

Q16 Why are some of your popular bus tours not available in middle of August and during the year end?
A number of bus tours that usually involved using the highway are not available during the peak travel seasons. The 3 peak seasons in Japan are; during the Obon period in August, the Golden Week holiday period in April-May and the New Year period in December-January.
Many bus tours are not operating because heavy traffic congestions are expected over many areas. No bus company will want to operate any tour knowing they will be stranded on the highway for hours.

Q17 Why aren't the JR train & hotel packages not available during the year end?
The domestic demand for travel is extremely high during the New Year period and the same product would be selling at a very high price when sold locally. Thus, no discounted packages are offered.

Q18 Can you provide morning call service or a phone call to confirm 1 day prior to the tour departure?
There is no such service available.
All tours are confirmed in departure unless stated otherwise. And should you wished to confirm the status of the tour in the event of an impending bad weather(such as a typhoon), you can call the tour operator directly. The contact number of the tour operator is found in the Confirmation Slip issued to you.

Q19 I would like to purchase at least 2-4 of your bus tours during my stay covering Tokyo and Kyoto, can you assist me to make a lump booking?
We regret that we do not have an add to cart funtion for you to make several tour bookings all at the same time. And therefore you will have to make individual booking for each tour.

Q20 Do you help with planning for our trip and to find tours fitting our requirements?
Not available for small groups. Our inbound group department do offer fully-escorted tour for groups of more than 24 participants. And we do also offer small private tour and vehicle hire for groups of more than 8 participants, as usually with 8 or more participants you will be able to achieve an attractive rate or a comparable rate for joining a scheduled bus tour that are usually operated using a large-size bus targeting around 30-40 participants on each bus.

Q21 I am considering a scheduled tour you are offering, who do I contact to make small changes to the itinerary?
It is absolutely important that you be aware that none of the scheduled tours offered on our website allows you to make any alteration to its tour itinerary. The tour operator will only be able to arrange the tour or conduct the tour as per the tour itinerary. You will have to consider finding a different tour that match what you require for your trip.

Q22 I am choosing between one of your guided tour packages and your train and hotel only package(non-guided). The non-guided package has a lower price and it interests me. What support are you able to provide for first-time traveller unfamiliar with the tour product offered and opting a train and hotel only package(non-guided)?
It is not advisable for you to consider purchasing a non-guided tour package especially when you do not know what the tour product is about.
Guided tours are catered for first-time travellers in mind. The tour organizer that created the guided tour package often have a customer service number so that you can ring the tour organizer directly and check for information pertaining to the tour being organized. On the other hand, non-guided tour packages such as the train and hotel packages are meant for matured travellers who are often less dependent and are able to find information on their own and plan their own trip filling with activities.