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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (Vehicle Hire)

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Frequently asked questions and answers

Q1 How do I make a booking?
You will begin with using our online form to make your Request for Quotation. Full details of the itinerary is required in order for us to provide you with an exact quote. Once we have verified the details of your itinerary, we will provide you with a summary of your request with the total price so that you can verify the details before you make the purchase. Pre-payment is necessary to secure any booking.

Q2 How can I make payment?
Payment can be made either by credit card or through the bank.

Q3 After making payment, will I receive the vehicle number and driver information?
After payment is received we will issue you the confirmation and a receipt. The vehicle number and driver's name(and mobile number) will only be known 1 day before your trip. We will forward this information to you by email or by fax to your hotel in Japan.

Q4 How can I cancel my booking?
Cancellations should be made by phone whenever possible as delays could sometimes result in higher cancellation fee. Cancellations made on a weekend or holiday can only be processed on the next working day. Cancellation fee may or may not apply depending on the amount of notice given.

Q5 What cancellation fees apply?
Cancellation policy for airport transfer (one-way point to point transfer only);
Time of cancellationPenalty
More than 15 daysno cancellation fee or penalty
14 days or less20% penalty
7 days or less30% penalty
Less than 2 days40% penalty
1 day before departure50% penalty
Cancel on actual day or no showNo refund

Cancellation policy for vehicle hire (1-day hire or more);
Time of cancellationPenalty
More than 15 daysforfeiture of deposit
14 days or less30% penalty
7 days or less50% penalty
1 day before departure80% penalty
Cancel on actual day or no showNo refund

Q6 How can I change my reservation?
You can call or email us to update us with the changes.

Q7 How far in advance can I make a reservation?
We accept reservations up to 3 months ahead.

Q8 When is the best time to make the booking?
As soon as your trip is finalized and you are ready to make the purchase. This is because our vehicles are always fully-booked throughout the year. As a general guideline, during the peak season it will be hard to find availability with less than 8-12 weeks before the trip.

Q9 How much room is there for luggage?
As a rough guide, one suitcase and one hand-carry for each passenger. Please exercise consideration where you have oversized luggage. With maximum capacity, it may not permit few large suitcases for certain vehicle models. Please check with us at booking.

Q10 What if my flight is delayed? Will I be charged extra?
You will not be charged any extra due flight delay. We monitor flight arrivals and dispatch drivers accordingly.

Q11 Will the price go up should I make my purchase towards to the last few days before the trip?
Yes, it is definitely more expensive to make last minute purchase. It moves according to supply and demand. And do take note that during the month of April~May and October~November, it is the high season where supply is unable to cater to demand.

Q12 Can you reserve a vehicle for me as I do not have my itinerary formed yet?
It is not possible at all.

Q13 How long is the trip from Tokyo to Narita airport? What time should I leave my hotel?
Narita is 60 miles away from the city. Travel time depends on traffic conditions. It should take about an hour with smooth traffic conditions. For the suggested time leaving your hotel, we recommend at least 4 hours before your flight departure time.

Questions and answers specific to vehicle hire

Q14 How do I arrange for a vehicle hire?
Please find out our payment terms before you consider using our vehicle hire service. We do not allow payment on arrival and it is strictly prepayment only.
Next thing will be to forward us your itinerary in details, with pick up and drop off time at each location, so that we can verify the feasibility of the itinerary and forward you with a quotation. Upon receiving our quotation you have the next few days to confirm your acceptance and make payment. Quotation given is valid for the next 5-7 days only.

Q15 How many days ahead should I put in my booking?
It depends on the demand, during April~May, August and October~November the demand for vehicle hire is at its highest and therefore we recommend that you secure the vehicle as early as you can about 2-3 months ahead.

Q16 What cancellation fees apply?
Cancellation policy for vehicle hire;
Time of cancellationPenalty
More than 15 daysforfeiture of deposit
14 days or less30% penalty
7 days or less50% penalty
1 day before departure80% penalty
Cancel on actual day or no showNo refund

Q17 I have asked for a quotation more than a month ago, is your quotation still valid should I make my purchase in the next few days?
Quotations given to you are based on the rate at that time. As a general rule, you should check again for our current rate for vehicle hire when more than a week has past since you made your last enquiry.

Q18 Can I have the flexibility to make last-minute change to the itinerary?
Being a private vehicle hire, you certainly have full control how you want to set the pace of your tour. However, when we are offering you the vehicle hire service, we have to always take in account of the usage hours and its total mileage. As a general rule, if the change in the itinerary does not put stress on the driver(because they study the route in advance), and there is no big difference in its total mileage, no additional parking or toll fee charges, and the finishing time for the vehicle to return back to its base are unaffected, the driver will accommodate the change.

Q19 How are your hours calculated when we hire a chartered bus?
From the time the vehicle leaves its base till the vehicle returns back to its base.

Below is a pictorial guide showing an example on how the fare is calculated based on the hours and distance. Bus operators are required to adhere to the guidelines and regulations set by the transport ministry, when offering its vehicles. Operators are required to keep an operation log and to record all the times and mileage for all assignments.
New care calculation implemented after Mar31
Note: The calculated fare above is the maximum permitted charge for the vehicle hire using a large-size bus. Please take note that it does not include any parking fees and toll fees which may be incurred during the journey which will be the responsiblity of the customer.