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Frequently Asked Questions (General)
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Things to take note of when making a booking

Q1 How do I make a booking?
Due to the large number of tours available and some of them have almost identical itineraries and very similar tour names, we therefore require all tour reservations to be made using the online application form. You will identify the tour, go to the page, and will locate the "RESERVE" or "BOOK NOW" button. Click on it to bring out the tour application form. Follow the instructions to complete your purchase.

Q2 Am I able to change my date of travel?
No, all our tours offered are non-changeable.
You have to be absolutely sure of your participation before you make any purchase. To change the date, you will have to cancel the existing booking that you have made and to make a new booking with your new date.

Q3 I do not have a credit card and I am not familiar with making payment though the bank, can I still book my tickets through you?
Much as we like to offer our service to every customers, but we must be realistic as well. Our online reservation service may not be suitable for everyone. In you case, we suggest you seek for assistance from someone you can trust to help you out on this.

Q4 My international flight ticket to Japan is not confirmed, can I make a reservation and hold on to the reservation without payment?
No, it is not possible. And neither do we offer such a service. Our service offering online purchase is only suitable for customers who are able to make pre-payment.

Q5 How can I cancel my reservation?
Please reply to the confirmation email that we have sent to you to inform us of a cancellation. Cancellations made on a weekend or holiday can only be processed on the next working day. Cancellation penalty may apply depending on the amount of notice given.

Q6 Do I pay a booking fee or sales tax(or GST Tax) when I make a reservation?
No, we do not charge you any booking fee as prices published on our site are nett rates and inclusive of sales tax(or GST Tax).

Q7 Can I use my credit card to make a purchase for someone else?
Yes. However, you are required to complete and sign a document verifying the details of the reservation. The signed document can be returned to us by fax or using email attachment. Please note that the cardholder's handwritten signature is required. This security procedure is in place to protect both our customers and our company against credit card fraud.

Q8 Am I able to purchase just the train tickets only as I understand that most of the plan you are offering comes with 1 night accommodation(Rail+hotel Package)?
The rail+hotel package offered on our website are created by local wholesalers and they are sold as a set with train tickets and accommodation inseparable.
Since you only require just the train tickets only, we could only offer you train tickets that are sold directly by the railway company. Ticket will be based on the normal ticket price and will be no different from purchasing the train ticket at the train station ticket counter on your own. Do take note that handling fee will apply should you require us to assist you to purchase the normal fare ticket.

Q9 I would like to make a booking and willing to make advance payment however I could only finalize on my travel date later, is it possible?
Please understand that most of our products are non-changeable and they are also limited in availability. When amendment is required, chances are it will incur costs. And when you do need to make a change in your travel plan, availability has to be checked once again. Therefore we ask that you finalize your travel date first before making the purchase.

Q10 I remember seeing from another website offering complimentary hotel dinner. Am I also eligible for it?
It is important that you try to understand that each plan offered is unique, and there are usually more than one plan available and each plan offered may be very different in the price and the product it offers. Should the plan comes with dinner, it will be indicated.

Q11 I work in an airline. Am I able to get a discount?
Suppliers that created the products we have do not offer such a discount. Everyone will qualify for the same price. We are also unable to offer discount regardless of the number of participants or number of tours you purchase.

Q12 I am a XX Hotel priority guest member, what discount do you have for me?
We ask that you make your reservation directly through your hotel membership center to qualify for any special offers or privileges. This is because rooms that we are sourcing may not come directly from the hotel and may be sourced through another wholesaler which has nothing to do with your card membership. And even if we were sourcing the room directly through the hotel, your membership privilege most of the time is only useful when you make your purchase directly through the hotel because of the difference in price.


Reservation finalised with payment made

Q13 How do I get my tickets?
An eticket, exchange voucher or confirmation slip will be issued and forwarded to you via email after you have completed your purchase. It may also be delivered to your mailing address depending on the type of ticket used.
For train tickets, it will be delivered to your mailing address as early as 7 days before your trip.
For flight ticket, it will be forwarded to you via email as early as 18 days before your trip.

Q14 How do I cancel my ticket?
Cancellations should be made by phone whenever possible as delays could sometimes result in higher cancellation fee. Cancellations made on a weekend or holiday can only be processed on the next working day. Cancellation fee may or may not apply depending on the amount of notice given and varies according to types of tickets, tours purchased.

Q15 Can I change the date or time of my flight?
Any changes made to the booking made with 20 days or less before the departure day will incur a penalty. Scroll further to see the next question for the procedure.

Q16 How can I change reservation?
A new reservation will have to be made while we cancel the earlier reservation. Only when seat availability for the new reservation is ascertain, we will cancel the earlier reservation. You will need to pay the difference for the new reservation after calculating the cancellation penalty. 

Q17 I have purchased a 4D3N flight package to Sapporo leaving from Tokyo. Can I get a refund for not using my ticket from Sapporo back to Tokyo as I want to fly from Sapporo to Osaka instead?
You have purchased a package which the round-trip flight tickets and hotel come as a set. There will be no refund possible for anything not utilized. We do not benefit from anything if you do not use any of the flights or hotel or any other things that comes with your package.

Q18 Why am I penalized as I have few days away from my trip, and I am not cancelling my tickets but requesting a change of date of travel?
Tickets that we are offering comes with different terms. Most of them are non-changeable which is in your case. Therefore the only solution is to cancel the ticket and make a new purchase. It is unfortunate that you have to suffer the penalty. Terms such as cancellation penalty is being set for various reasons, as a way to safeguard the interests of the operator and also act as a controlling measure. Can you imagine when all tickets being offered were uncontrolled, allowing anyone to easily make changes unconditionally? Touts and black markets will appear and you will not be able to purchase the tickets easily. 



Q19 My flight is cancelled due bad weather(typhoon)?
The ticket you have purchased may or may not allow you to board a different flight or carrier. Please check with the airline ground staff for advise and alternatives. Also check to see your travel insurance you have purchased from your home country would allow compensation for your travel so that you can purchase the next immediate flight out. As we are merely a ticketing agent, there is nothing else we can do except to process your ticket for a refund. In this case, it is important that you receive a Flight Cancellation Advise Slip from the airline counter in order to qualify for refund. Please send us the original copy together with your unused ticket(if issued a printed ticket or a voucher) within the next 2 weeks. Refund takes about 2-3 weeks as we will have to wait for the notice from the airline. 

Q21 I have overslept and I missed my flight.
Check with the airline, make up a story and hope they will buy it. Chances are the ticket is wasted and you will have to purchase a new ticket. Because the airline will issue a No Show status for this, your ticket is now worthless. 

Q22 What is the recommended check-in time for domestic flights in Japan?
There is no immigration formality when traveling domestically as such arriving at the airport 45 minutes before the departure time will allow you to check-in, clear security check and board the plane at a comfortable pace. The latest time allowed for check-in is 15 minutes before the flight provided you have no check-in baggage only to go straight to the plane with your ticket. 

Q23 Can I travel with ski equipments
Yes. If you have purchased a ski package through us, the ski package entitles you the regular 20kg allowance for checked baggage plus your skis/snowboard. 

Q24 I have left my camera possibly either on the flight or during the transfer by bus to my hotel. Can you send it to my hotel?
For lost & found, you will have to approach the operator directly. If you have left it on the flight, you will contact the Airlines you have flown with. If left at your hotel, you will check directly with the hotel. If you have left it on the bus, you will check directly with the bus operator. Very likely once it has been found, you will be asked to collect it personally at their office. 


Miscellaneous - Hotel

Q25 Is my child age 9yrs old eligible for child rate?
Child rate may and may not be offered. Child rate is offered when it is indicated that child rate is available. Please also take note that there may be cases where child rate is offered only when accompanied with 2 adult paying guests.
For example in the case where an adult travels with two accompanying children, the rates using will be as follows; total charge = 2 x adult rates + 1 x child rate

Q26 Will there be any child occupancy charge for child age 5 yrs old?
Individual hotel/ryokan may impose a supplementary occupancy charge for each infant/child age 1-5, payable at check-in. Please double check directly with the property.

Q27 Do you or do I arrange for my dinner time reservation at the ryokan?
Customers are responsible to check and arrange their own dinner time reservation directly with the ryokan.


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