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Special Rate Hokkaido Rental Car

Rental Car in Hokkaido

CAR RENTAL: Limited in availability for our special rate, advance booking is required, available during the lull season only.
Driving in Japan - International Driving Permit
If you wish to drive a car while in Japan, you must possess an International Driving Permit in order to be able to rent a vehicle. You will also need to be in possession of your national license while driving in Japan. International Driving Permits are generally issued by the national automobile association in your country. For certain countries, such France, Germany and Switzerland, an official translation of your home country's driver's license is accepted. Please check with your embassy or the automobile association in your country to find out the requirements.

Special Rate Car Rental

Times Rental Car Company
Vehicle Category S Class (Unspecified model)
S Class
WA Class (Unspecified model)
WA Class
Rental Period 2019
January1~April26, May7~July11, August25~September30.
January1~April26, May7~July11, August25~September30.
2 Day/1 Night 8,800yen 16,800yen
3 Day/2 Night 12,700yen 24,700yen
4 Day/3 Night 16,600yen 32,600yen
5 Day/4 Night 20,500yen 40,500yen
6 Day/5 Night 22,500yen 42,500yen
7 Day/6 Night 24,500yen 44,500yen
additional 1 day 4,000yen 8,000yen
Veh. Models Mazda Demio
Nissan Note
or similar model
Mitsubishi Delica D5
Nissan Serena
or similar model
Max. Seating Maximum 5pax Maximum 8pax

※The Special Rate Rental Car offered on this site has its own terms & conditions and may differ to those offered directly by rental car companies.

Drop Off/Dumping Surcharge

¥7500 Niseko
¥9700 ¥5400 Sapporo
¥9700 ¥9700 ¥5400 Asahikawa
¥9700 ¥9700 ¥9700 ¥9700 Wakkanai
¥9700 ¥9700 ¥7500 ¥7500 ¥9700 Obihiro
¥9700 ¥9700 ¥9700 ¥7500 ¥9700 ¥7500 Memanbetsu
¥9700 ¥9700 ¥9700 ¥9700 ¥9700 ¥5400 ¥5400 Kushiro

(Complimentary use)Child and baby safety seats

According to the Japan Road Traffic Act, infant seat is required for children below 6 years old. There are 3 types of child safety seats are available and will depend on the height & weight
Age Height Weight Type
Newborn up to 12 months below 75cm under 10kg Infant use
1~4 yrs old below 100cm under 9~18kg Child seat
4~10 yrs old below 130cm under 15~32kg Junior use seat

Cancellation charge

8 Days or more prior to departure 1000yen cancellation fee
3-7 days prior to departure 30% penalty + 1000yen cancellation fee
1-2 days prior to departure 50% penalty + 1000yen cancellation fee
the day of commencement of car rental 100% penalty

Basic Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage Maximum Claims in JPY
3rd party bodily injury or death (per person) Unlimited cover
Property damage (per occurrence) Unlimited cover
Rented vehicle damage Market value of Vehicle
Accidental injury/ death of renter/ passengers in car (per person) ¥50,000,000

Optional coverage for Non-Operation Charge (NOC) is available and can be purchased on the day when signing out the vehicle.
NOC applies as part of the compensation when the rented vehicle needed repairing or cleaning under the cases of traffic accident, car theft, broken down, stains, damage, etc., which those are not the service provider's responsibility.
By topping up 500yen, you will be able to cover for the following;
(i) ¥20,000 paid by Renter when the rented vehicle is returned to the originally designated location
(ii) ¥50,000 paid by Renter when the rented vehicle is not returned to the above mentioned location

* All bookings must be completed and with payment made no later than 15 days before the starting date.
* Vehicle model is unspecified and will only be known and allocated at check in at the rental car branch office.
* The rental car company reserves the rights to allocate the appropriate choice of vehicle according to its operational conditions.
* Features and equipments installed on each vehicle may vary differently.
* Car navigation system in English is fitted on all vehicles. English Car-Navi systems may display English menu on the screen or voice navigation in English.
* Rental rates quoted above include standard insurance coverage, free mileage and consumption/GST tax.
* Rental rates quoted above do not include highway toll fees, gasoline, parking charges, return of vehicle at another location other than the origin.
* Should you require the child/baby seat to be arranged, please make request at booking.
* Please be extra careful to return the vehicle on time as you will be charged for late return of vehicle.

Check for Quote & Availability

Please indicate your choice of rental car(Class-type), along with the starting date and pick up location, and the returning date and returning location. Forward us the details to make the booking

Check for Quote & Availability

Please indicate your choice of rental car(Class-type), along with the starting date and pick up location, and the returning date and returning location.